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EastcoastStudioGallery was created to promote the work of local artists. We offer a place where painters, printmakers, and potters can come to learn and improve their craft, and have a sales outlet for their work.
The Studio offers instruction in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel painting and printmaking as well as wheel thrown and hand made pottery​. For the printmaker we offer instruction in printing plate making and the use of our three printing presses. The first is a 40"x 70" inch etching press, the second is a 30"x 36"inch powered lithograph press, and lastly a 36"x 48"  automatic silk screen printing machine. These machines may be rented by the hour, day or week at very reasonable rates by any artist who wishes to print editions of his own fine art prints. For clay workers we have several potters wheels and a large pug mill for clay preparation. The Gallery is open to all artists who wish to display and sell their art to the general public. 
EastcoastStudioGallery​ also has a website to promote and sell works of art over the internet for our students and exhibitors.
​ A reasonable persentage of the selling price  is charged as commission when a piece of art is sold in the gallery or over the internet. All artworks displayed in the gallery must be with the approval of the gallery management.


​This painting is a spoof of the ongoing argument about our gun control laws. An exaggeration of the effect that confiscation and destruction of all firearms would have if a law of this kind were ever implimented. The sign in the upper left of the painting says that   "That all citizens are required to surrender your firearms to the local police for disposal in accordance with the new firearms regulations on or before July 31st."  the painting dipicts what happens the next day when the law abiding citizens turn in their guns, and  only the criminals who would not obey the law have guns. Therefore the name of the painting August 1st. The painting by John Bolton is an acrylic on canvas and is 24"x 36"inches
                                       ​Priced $ 6500.00
This an original watercolor painting was inspired by the
Prehistoric Cave Paintings in Lascaux France,  and painted
​by John Bolton, it is not a ​copy but a collection of
​immages in the style of some of ​​the ​original cave paintings.
This painting is executed on the highest qulity Arches
watercolor paper and framed and ​matted under glass.
​The image size is 18"x 24"
​The painting may be ​purchased framed for  $ 4245.00
or unframed for $3995.00​ plus shipping and handling
​and insurance.
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The image on the left Cannival is a hand colored wood cut print, which means that the image was hand carved into a wooden board. Then inked and run through an etching press to transfer the image onto high quality printmakers paper. A faint impression of the grain of the board can be seen through the ink. It is then colored by hand.
Price unframed is $75.00 Framing and matting is available at extra cost.​
On the right is an airbrush painting of tropical fish done with opaque watercolor paint on an illustration board by John Bolton. A carefull look at the lower right corner of the paintiing will reveal a curious cat  hungrilly eyeing the fish in an aquarium hence the name of the 18"x24" painting  Wishfull Thinking                                        Framed $1100.00
The above watercolor on Arches watercolor paper, is of The Chandlery in Babylon NY.on a snowy night. Image size 16"x 20"                Matted and Framed $​1250.00
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