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Friendship Sloop
Lookout Lookdowns
The Friendship Sloop is a type of vessel that sailed the waters of Long Island New Yorks Great South Bay for more than 75 years. Quite a number can still be seen sailing these waters today. The Painting is opaque watercolor on  16"x24" illustration board.
Price framed $1500.00​​

Lookout Lookdowns​​ is an airbrush rendering of lookdowns a resident fish of the  Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, a member of the Carangidae family about 6" to 12" long and related to Jacks, a good edible game fish.
Price Framed         $1150.00

Low Income Housing this painting was inspired by the plight of the laid off workers in the steel and auto industries of the north in the 1970's . In Florida and some of the southern states, workers had migrated south to avoid high heating costs and look for work. Many lived with their families in an old car or van as a means of survival. this guache painting on illustration board dipicts their  hardship.   !5"x 25" Framed for a Price of $1250.00​  ​
Red Roofs is an 18"x 24" water color of an old English village in the 1920's. Painted on Arches watercolor paper, framed and matted under glass
                                                                                  Priced at​  $1100.00
Nature Print 2 Made by inking natural plant material and running it through the etching press on 60lb.printmaking  paper
                                                              Priced with matting $85.00 ​
.Herschoff Sloop   A Bermuda Racer from the early part of the 20th.century, Painted in guache on a 17'x 27" illustration board . Matted and Framed under glass.                       Price $1200.00 plus s/h
          Mailman, a spoof on one of the problems faced daily by our  mail carriers, a woodcut 11"x 13" printed on 60lb.printmakers paper                                  unframed Price $35.00 plus shipping & handling
Liberty on the left is a collagraph print made in honor of all the victims of the 911 tragedy. The  print is made from several plates each printed in a different color, and heavily embossed, on 60lb. printmakers paper, the upper lettering is calligraphy done by hand on each piece. Print is sold unframed         Price  $250.00 plus S/H
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