Eastcoast-StudioGallery  is presently located on a farm in West Virginia. I am hoping to relocate to a new studio in Georgia in the near future. I am moving the location of my studio and gallery for two reasons. The first is the fact that ​​​​due to​ an accident I had which left me with limited use of my right arm, and unable to perform any strenuous work from now on, and secondly the unexpected death of my wife and partner in November 2012. She was a lifetime resident of West Virginia,and wished to remain close to her family, I have no family or other reason to remain here and I have lived close to the ocean most of my life and miss it very much, I particularly like all things nautical and wish to spend the rest of my days drawing and painting in this kind of environmentment, and I have a great fondness for fresh sea food.
​​All business will be handled from my present location untill my relocation is completed. Any questions reguarding custom art work, portraits, of people pets homes etc. availability of art for sale, shipping cost etc. can be answered by contacting John Bolton  by phone at  304/743-9202 or via Email. at johnblltn7@gmail.com